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Here are a few blogs that I like to read from time to time. I'm sure that they would be glad if you paid them a visit!

Life As a Dare by Rebecca Lindenbach

I like this blog a lot. Rebecca offers a lot of advise on how to keep your stuff organized, romantic relationships and faith. 

To Love, Honor and Vacuum by Sheila Wray Gregoire

Sheila blogs about marriage, parenting and faith. I may not be the intendend audience of her blog, but I enjoy the posts about her younger, college-age daughters very much. It's great to have the perspective of a mom on these things. 

My Beautiful Bubble by Haley Smith

Haley is a young mom of two adorable little girls and I really like the recipes and glimpses into her every day life that she shares on her blog.  

The Long Way To Go by The Long Ladies

The Long Way To Go is a blog by five young ladies and their mom about God, dressing modestly and preparing for marriage. They outfits they share are so cute! And you should definitely check out the "happily ever after" posts (under Courtship & Purity), these stories are so beautiful!

Blogger Mum of Three Boys by Denise

Denise is a German blogger who has just started her blog in October. She blogs about life with her three sons, shares recipes and reviews. So, if you're interested, please make sure to check her out!

Please note that I am obviously not responsible for what they post on their blogs and that I might not agree with everything on these blogs. 

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