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I am very happy to be part of the Litfuse blog tour for She's Got the Wrong Guy by Deepak Reju! This is my very first blog tour, so I am very excited. Even though I did not agree with everything he said, She's Got the Wrong Guy definitely was an interesting read and I think it might be very helpful for Christian single women. 

In this book, pastor Deepak Reju explores why Christian single women settle and why the guys they settle for are not necessary the ones they should marry.
In the first part, he focuses on why Christian single women settle for less than God's best for them. And in the second part, he presents the different types of "wrong guys" that are out there. He always starts these chapters with an example and then explains why settling for that type of man would not be a good decision. For example, some types he included in this book are "the commitment-phobe man", "the control freak" and "the new convert". He shows the dangers that might lie ahead in a marriage to such a man and how he fails to display certain characteristics of a godly husband. But he also mentions when hope for change is possible and when it may be foolish. In the last section, he offers advice on how to break up in a godly way and explains why waiting is okay. 

Overall, I liked She's Got the Wrong Guy. Reju points out many important issues and what should be red flags in dating. The examples were chosen really well to illustrate his points and made the reading experience more enjoyable. I also appreciated that he didn't write off the "wrong guys" completely and instead explained when it is okay to hope and wait and when it's not. The style was clear and easy to understand. 

However, I think that he was a little too hard on the "lone ranger guy". Being rather shy and introverted myself, I know that it can be hard to force yourself to make contact with new persons, even if you are in an environment you're already familiar with like church or university. But maybe he wanted to focus not on introverted, but rather on prideful men that think that they don't need others and can manage everything on their own. That was not that clear to me. 

I would definitely recommend to read this book to avoid some mistakes while dating or to share and discuss it with your friends. I really think this book will be helpful for many Christian single women. 

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