How to Save Money as a Book Addict

I read a lot. Right now, I'm reading about 11 books each month. And like many other hobbies, reading can become quite an expensive one... 

So far, I've read 88 books this year. If every book had cost about 10€*, I would have payed almost 900€ for books only! But out of these 88 books, I've got 37 books for free, got 6 books in used condition, 5 other books were gifts or I borrowed them, which leaves only 41 books that I bought (but that is still a lot!). Out of the new books that I bought, many were less than 10€ (and about 10 of them were under 3€). And today I wanted to share with you how I save a lot of money while still having more than enough books to read. All of these options are of course legal :) 

1. Books

I don't know about you, but I really like the feeling of having an actual book in my hand instead of some electronic device. And printed books have the big advantage that they can be resold or you can pass them on to family members and friends once you're done with them.**


Libraries are a great opportunity to save money on books! When I was still in school, I would visit the library almost every week and leave with a few new books. The average fee is about 20€ per year, but students, kids and families often get a discount. 

Buy used

Yard sales, antique stores, public book shelves or online shops offer vast possibilities to find many books for a cheap price. A lot of them are still in excellent condition. I use this possibility when I'm not sure whether I'll like a book or not or when it's something I know I'll only read once. 

2. Ebooks

If you've got an ebook reader or a device where you can read ebooks (a tablet, a laptop or a smartphone), ebooks themselves are already a great opportunity to save money. Many are cheaper than the printed versions and there are also a few free ebooks on Amazon (most of them are classics) and sometimes there's a promotion going on and you can find the first volume of a series for free. But these are of course not the only options. 


Noisetrade is a website where you can get music and books for free. You can download them with or without an account, the only thing they ask for is your postal code and an email adress to mail the book to. The books come as a pdf, epub or mobi file. 
I don't use Noisetrade that often. The selection is not that big and I don't know most of the authors. But sometimes there's a good book on there. 


Netgalley is a platform for publishers and reviewers. There are several types of reviewer accounts, for example librarians, bloggers or consumer reviewers (that do reviews on Goodreads, Amazon etc.). For some books, you have to send a request to the publishers, others are available for everyone. They come as a protected pdf, but most of them are also available as mobi files (the Kindle format). You are expected to write a review after having finished the book, but otherwise they're free. 
I've already read and reviewed a few titles from Netgalley. I think the selection is good, they have some indie authors, but also titles from bigger publishers. The ones from bigger publishers are often not available for everyone and you have to request them. One of the downsides is that your request might not be approved. But many of the Read Now titles are also good. I registered as a consumer reviewer and post my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Nobles and Christianbook.com. 


There are quite a few pages that inform you about free books on Amazon or newsletters from authors that give away their books for free. If you like Christian books, you might like Spirit Filled eBooks. Instafreebie also has a lot of indie books from many different genres. 

*right now, 1€ is about $1,20

** I'll probably make a post about what to do with your old books soon.

How do you save money when buying books? Please tell me in the comments!

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  1. I only buy books at yard sales, used book sales, estate sale and thrift stores. Our library is funded by taxes so everyone can use it for "free". That is where we get most of our books and movies. I also get some of my music through the library.


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