Fasting #1 - Why Vegan?

I already told you in my New Year's Resolutions that I decided to fast during Lent. Back then, I wasn't sure if I wanted to fast on sweets or if I wanted to try out being vegan. But I made up my mind and I think that a vegan fast is the better choice. And I am going to document my fast here on the blog with recipes, pictures and what-I-eat-in-a-day posts.I will fast from the 23.2. until the 16.04. 2017 (so it's a little more than 40 days). I hope you're as excited as I am to debark on this journey!

In this first post, I want to explain to you why I chose to do a fast and why I decided on veganism. 

Why fast?

I want to fast because I enjoy challenges. And it's the first time since I decided to become a Christian that I have the opportunity to fast during Lent. I also want to use the time for devotions so that it's not just focused on food. 

Why vegan?

I think the purpose of fasting is to abstain from something important. For example, I could easily abstain from alcohol because I hardly ever drink, but that wouldn't mean anything to me. I probably wouldn't even notice that there's something I can't eat or drink. But with meat and dairy, it's different. I enjoy burgers, chili con carne and sausages, and I really really love cheese. It's going to be hard. 

Another reason is that I might have an intolerance towards dairy products. Because my mom has a slight intolerance for some animal products that have a lot of protein which developed when she was about my age, I think it could be that I have developed that intolerance, too. Within the last few months, I have been experiencing mysterious cramps and I don't know where they come from. So I think that this fast is a great opportunity to find out whether these cramps disappear when I don't eat meat and dairy. 

The next post will be about the preparations I made for the time. And there's going to be a new recipe on the blog this week. 

Are you going to fast during Lent? What do you abstain from? 

Why do you want to fast? 

Are there specific passages or books of the Bible that you want to read during that time?

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  1. I love to fast too and like you it has to mean something. I have a sweet addition so I gave that up. I also want to read the Bible every night. Although I read the Bible often, I make it a point to focus on it more during lent.
    Thanks for sharing at Over The Moon Party,

  2. Ich find immer fasten eine interessante Sache, aber hab es dieses Jahr irgendwie verpennt obwohl ich es mal machen wollte. Aber da war plötzlich der Tag und ich wusste nicht auf was ich verzichten soll *lach*... Vielleicht nächstes Jahr?!
    Vegan stelle ich mir schwer vor, aber einerseits... für eine bestimmte Zeit bestimmt ganz gut machbar.

    1. Hallo Bammy :)

      Schön, dass du nochmal vorbeigeschaut hast. Ja, es ist schon nicht ganz einfach, aber ich halte durch. Wenns vorbei ist, wollte ich dazu auch noch mal einen Post machen, was am schwierigsten war und so.

      Liebe Grüße


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