Old Fashioned Review

I promised you a movie review and here it is! The holidays are perfect to finally watch all those movies that you didn't find the time to watch while being busy with school, work or your family and homemaking. "Old Fashioned" is one of my favorite movies and I've wanted to do a review for quite some time. If you love romantic and thoughtful movies, this one is for you! And it would also make a great present for anybody who likes romantic movies, too. 

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Clay is a former frat boy who owns an antique shop in a small town. Being deeply hurt by his past,
he has come up with strict boundaries for any future relationship with a woman because he never wants to treat a woman in a respectless way again. But the arrival of Amber in his town, a free and joyful young woman, nearly asks too much of him. Is he really ready to love again? And will she be able to cope with his boundaries and rules? Will they be able to have an old-fashioned and counter-cultural courtship in today's society?

At first, I was in doubt if a Christian movie would really be my cup of tea. After all, I considered myself an atheist at that time. But I am glad that I didn't let prejudices keep me from watching this movie. I absolutely loved everything about it and I've already watched it three times. Overall, the characters are very authentic and the story is really sweet. The talented Rik Swartzwelder (he also wrote the screenplay and directed the movie) succeeds in portraying Clay as a hurt and thoughtful man. His very strict morals and how he came up with them are also portrayed in a convincing manner. Elizabeth Ann Roberts as Amber is simply adorable. I immediately warmed to her bubbly personality. Another favorite character of mine was Clay's Aunt Zella. Such a lovely old lady! 

The atmosphere of late summer and early autumn days makes for a gorgeous setting and beautiful pictures. Clay's antique shop is very charming, as are Amber's dresses and her cute appartment. In addition to that, the movie also has a great soundtrack. 

But the movie did more for me than just serve as entertainment. It marks the start of rethinking my attitude towards relationships and religion (which is still going on, almost year after I first watched it). 

There is a great devotional accompanying the movie, The Old Fashioned Way, which explains a lot of the thoughts behind the movie and gives practical advice on how to do a courtship and to rethink your attitude towards romance and relationships (read my review here). And there's even a whole facebook group dedicated to this movie where the members share great advice and encouragement. 

I wholeheartedly recomment "Old Fashioned" to everyone who enjoys romantic movies and a good story. 

You can watch the trailer here

Have you watched this movie? Did you like it? 

What is your favorite romantic or Christian movie? 

Do you know any other movies about courtship? 


  1. Been looking for a feel good movie with a well told story. I'm so tired of the Hollywood narrative that everyone in a relationship cheats and that's ok. This sounds a lot like a Nicolas Sparks type of story which I absolutely love.

  2. I couldn't wait for this movie to come out. I absolutely loved it! I also bought the movie when it was released on dvd. My daughter who is not a chic flick movie watcher even loved it. It took awhile to convince her to watch it and now she's a fan of the movie. Over Christmas break we watched it with my mom and my nieces who had never seen it. The story line, the scenery, the soundtrack, and the charm of all the characters were a hit. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie as well and I enjoyed your blog post.

  3. It's my favorite movie!! A wonderful film that everyone needs to see. Inspirational and beautiful!!!


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