My Favorite Christmas Memory

These days are the last days leading up to Christmas! I am so very excited. And today I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas memory. 

The nativity set at my family's place. I planned to include a picture of the small one that I've got, but it hasn't yet arrived in the mail. 

I grew up Old Catholic (a small Christian denomination which is very close to the Catholic church) and like many other families, we went to church on Christmas Eve before we opened our presents under the Christmas tree in the evening (in Germany, we start celebrating Christmas on the 24th, in the evening).
The service we went to was the service for families and children and the highlight was always the enactment of the nativity story by all the children that were going to receive the Holy Communion in the next year. 

About twelve years ago, when I was eight years, I was among those children and I was very excited to be part of the enactment. I was even more happy when I learned that the role that I got assigned was the role of Mary. I still remember that my Mom gave me an old wollen shawl for my costume that I used to cover my head and shoulders. It was very comfortable and warm. My beloved baby doll served as Jesus and I had carefully tucked it under my shirt so that it wouldn't be "born prematurely", meaning before we arrived at the part of the church that was supposed to be the stable. But we got through the perfomance without any problems. I was so proud to be part of it. 

The years before and after that, I enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed taking part in it. And I was very sad when my family decided to attend the "grown up service" instead a few years later. About four years ago, we stopped going to church on Christmas altogether. Because I moved and left the Old Catholic church two years ago, I don't have a church that I attend right now. But I hope that I'll find one in the future so that I can revive this favorite tradition of mine. 

What's your favorite Christmas memory or tradition? Do you go to church on Christmas Eve? 

Please tell me in the comments!

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  1. Ylva, thank you for sharing such a sweet memory. My family usually goes to church on Christmas Eve, but since Christmas is on Sunday this year there will also be a service that day, so we will go to it. I hope you find a new church soon. Merry Christmas.


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