Modest Inspiration #4 Cinderella

I love fairytales and cute prints! I prefer these over prints with "funny" sentences which are not funny at all or huge brand logos. Today I want to show you how I wear my two Cinderella shirts. 

The first one is a jeans-and-tshirt look, something I've hardly worn in the last few months (find out why here). But the shirt was too long to be combined with any of my skirts, but too short to be worn as a dress, so I combined it with a pair of jeans. 

The jeans have little polka dots on them and I fell in love with them the moment I saw it. They're second-hand, but I don't mind that at all. They were ca. 5$ and they fit perfectly! Usually, I have trouble finding pants that have the right length because I'm only a little more than 5 feet tall.

I got the shirt for about 15$. The print is very beautiful and the color, turquoise, is one of my favorite colors! 

For the second outfit, I combined the shirt with a skirt and a cardigan. The shirt is sleeveless, so I needed to wear a cardigan with it. I've had both the skirt and the cardigan for years, but they still fit and as long as they do, I don't see a reason to throw them away. 

The boots that I wear in both pictures are my warmest winter boots. I got them last year for something betwee 40 and 40$. They are lined with woolen material and therefore manage very well to keep my feet warm . 

Do you wear shirts with cartoon prints? Which outfit do you like best? 

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