Girl Defined Review

I've got another book review for you, just in time for Christmas, if you still need a present. This time, it isn't a book about relationships, but it's about womanhood. It is called "Girl Defined - God's Radical Design for Beauty, Femininty and Identity" and I read it this summer. 

Doesn't it have a gorgeous cover? The interior design of the pages is also very beautifully made. But enough about the looks of this book, let's get to the content. The main purpose of the Girl Defined ministry by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird is to help girls find back to God's design for womanhood. They did not only write this book, but they've got a whole blog dedicated to this topic. 

In their book, they start by exposing the lies that our current culture feeds young girls by telling them they need to be sexy, free and independent. Instead of aiming for what the culture claims to be desirable, Kristen and Bethany suggest that young women orient themselves towards what the Bible says about the role of a woman. And as they already indicated on the cover, this is radically different from being sexy, free and independent. They've also got a few chapters focussed on relationships, purity and career. On the end of each chapter are questions for reflection. 

This book is not perfect and I don't suggest you should take it as your one and only life manual. But I still enjoyed reading it and found it really helpful. First, I like it because it teaches young ladies that looks do not define their worth and that they don't have to measure up to the world's beauty standards. This is a frequent topic in the book and I think this is a much needed message these days! Second, the three pillars of biblical womanhood that they introduce in their book helped me to reflect on what I want from live and how I want to live out my womanhood. I think that these values - helping others, producing life and nurturing relationships - are often overlooked, especially these days, where many young women are trained to pursue a career at all costs to be equal to men. I had lots of fun imagining how I can integrate these three pillars into my every-day life because there are so many possibilities how to live out counter-cultural womanhood. The third thing I appreciated very much was their hospitable attitude towards being a wife and a mother and that they encouraged girls to chose that path and not be ashamed for their dreams. 

Is there something really negative to say about this book? I don't think so. But it is definitely a religious book and the argumentation is solely based on scipture and personal experience, so if you don't like books like that, this might not be for you. And at some points I felt like the book only had stay-at-home-daughters and future-stay-at-home-moms in mind, although when I continued reading it and answered the question, I didn't feel like they only had one possible role or career for a woman in mind. 

I would recomment this book to any young lady whose either Christian or interested in a different version of womanhood than the one our culture presents to us. If you can, you should read it in a group setting! I read it with a few ladies and we met on Facebook every week and the book sparked a lot of great discussions. There's also an online book study  available. 

Disclaimer: This is an independent and honest review. I haven't received anything from the publisher to read or review it. 

Have you read this book? Did you like it? 

Do you have any recommendations for books on womanhood?

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