Gift Ideas For Young Ladies

It's only five days until Christmas! In case you still need some ideas for presents, here are three gift ideas for young ladies. I can't of course speak for all young ladies, but I would appreciate these things very much :) And of course they might also make good presents for ladies of every age. 

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A Journal

No matter if she likes to keep a diary, compose stories and poems or keep a prayer journal, a beautiful journal always makes a good gift.
And there are so many to choose from! Some are rather neutral while others are explicitly for prayers, sermon notes or bible reading. Some even contain cute illustrations to color! For example, I've got the "Quieting Your Heart Love Edition Journal" by Darlene Schacht and I like it a lot. 

Picture taken from Amazon.

A Recipe Journal

This is perfect for young women which are about to move out and start their own household because they're going to college or university, getting married or just start living on their own. My mom got me one a few months before I started university and since then I've written down all the recipes that I liked and that I cook on a regular basis. To make it more personal, you can take her favorite childhood recipe (in case you don't know, you can ask her mom or her grandma) and put it on the first page. 

A Sewing Course 

... or knitting or crocheting... Many girls don't know how to do needlework anymore. But crafting your own accessoires or even sewing your own clothes can be so much fun! This gift can be made in various forms: you can purchase books and DIY kits, gift a coupon for a course in your local area or an online tutorial or you can teach it yourself if you like to. My mom taught me how to knit a few years ago and I enjoyed it very much, but I plan to renew and extend my skills in the next few years because I haven't done it in a while. 

So there you have it! If you're still looking for gift ideas (not only for young ladies), you can stop by tomorrow  and the day after because there's a book review and a movie review coming up. 

And feel free to add a suggestion! What would you give to a young lady?

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