On The Blog Week 25 & 2016

Today is the last day in 2016!

So I decided to use this last "On the Blog" Post to present a Top 10 of the most viewed posts this year. 

But first, what was happening at the blog this week? There was only one post, a recipe for a Red Bell Pepper Soup With Feta Cheese and Ground Meat. A very long name for a very delicious dish!

2016 was a year of change for me.


Red Bell Pepper Soup With Feta Cheese & Ground Meat

This is a very delicious soup which is everything but boring! I found the recipe on pinterest and decided to change a few things. It turned out so good! My boyfriend really loved it (and I did, too). 


A Savior Is Born - On The Blog Week 24

Merry Christmas!

I hope you're having a wonderful time while celebrating with your beloved family and friends. My boyfriend and I exchanged our gifts yesterday; today, we'll visit my family and the day after, his family. 

I didn't manage to post the recipe I promised you before Christmas, but it's going to be on the blog next week. This week, there were two posts on the blog and both of them were reviews. I recommended to you one of my favorite movies, Old Fashioned. And the other reviewed item was a book, Girl Defined

Thank you for stopping by this week. 


Old Fashioned Review

I promised you a movie review and here it is! The holidays are perfect to finally watch all those movies that you didn't find the time to watch while being busy with school, work or your family and homemaking. "Old Fashioned" is one of my favorite movies and I've wanted to do a review for quite some time. If you love romantic and thoughtful movies, this one is for you! And it would also make a great present for anybody who likes romantic movies, too. 

Picture taken from Amazon.

Clay is a former frat boy who owns an antique shop in a small town. Being deeply hurt by his past,


Girl Defined Review

I've got another book review for you, just in time for Christmas, if you still need a present. This time, it isn't a book about relationships, but it's about womanhood. It is called "Girl Defined - God's Radical Design for Beauty, Femininty and Identity" and I read it this summer. 

Doesn't it have a gorgeous cover? The interior design of the pages is also very beautifully made. But enough about the looks of this book, let's get to the content. The main purpose of the Girl Defined ministry by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird is to help girls find back to God's design for womanhood. They did not only write this book, but they've got a whole blog dedicated to this topic. 


On The Blog Week Twenty-Three

Hey there!

We bought a Christmas tree yesterday! It's a cute little tree and I can't wait to show it to you once we've decorated it. 

There were three posts on the blog this week to make up for the weeks where there was only one post on the blog. Two of them were Christmas-related. 

The first post was a recipe for delicious pizza rolls. In the second post, I shared my favorite Christmas memory. And the third one was about gift ideas for young ladies

For more gift ideas, make sure to stop by on the blog on Monday and Tuesday because I am going to review a book and a movie for you. But there's also going to be another recipe on the blog. 

Thank you for reading my blog this week. I hope to see you again next week. 

Gift Ideas For Young Ladies

It's only five days until Christmas! In case you still need some ideas for presents, here are three gift ideas for young ladies. I can't of course speak for all young ladies, but I would appreciate these things very much :) And of course they might also make good presents for ladies of every age. 

Picture taken from Amazon.

A Journal

No matter if she likes to keep a diary, compose stories and poems or keep a prayer journal, a beautiful journal always makes a good gift.


My Favorite Christmas Memory

These days are the last days leading up to Christmas! I am so very excited. And today I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas memory. 

The nativity set at my family's place. I planned to include a picture of the small one that I've got, but it hasn't yet arrived in the mail. 

I grew up Old Catholic (a small Christian denomination which is very close to the Catholic church) and like many other families, we went to church on Christmas Eve before we opened our presents under the Christmas tree in the evening (in Germany, we start celebrating Christmas on the 24th, in the evening).


Pizza Rolls

These rolls are a cute and fun variation of pizza. They also taste great on the next day as a quick, cold snack. If you don't like pepperoni or ham or both, just leave it out. 

Ingredients (makes 10-12 pizza rolls):

1 package store-bought pizza dough
8 table spoons tomato sauce
150g grated cheese
12 small slices of pepperoni
2 slices of cooked ham
pickled green pepperoncini or other chilies


On The Blog Week Twenty-Two

Hey there!

Two weeks left until Christmas... Time flies by so fast!

I made a second batch of Christmas cookies yesterday and I've already got all the presents ready to be wrapped. 

There were two posts on the blog this week. On Tuesday, I shared a recipe for Christmas cookies and on Saturday, I showed you two new outfits

I hope we'll see each other again next week :)


Modest Inspiration #4 Cinderella

I love fairytales and cute prints! I prefer these over prints with "funny" sentences which are not funny at all or huge brand logos. Today I want to show you how I wear my two Cinderella shirts. 

The first one is a jeans-and-tshirt look, something I've hardly worn in the last few months (find out why here). But the shirt was too long to be combined with any of my skirts, but too short to be worn as a dress, so I combined it with a pair of jeans. 


Christmas Cookies

I love baking Christmas cookies! When I was younger, I used to help my mother or my aunt, but now that I'm living alone, I have to make them all  by myself. Well, except for the five minutes where my boyfriend gets totally excited and asks me to hand him the cookie cutter - only to get bored after five cookies. But I don't mind that. 

This is a very simple and basic recipe. 


On The Blog Week Twenty-One

Hey there!

Another cold week has passed. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I visited the local Christmas market and bought some presents for our relatives. I also made the first batch of Christmas cookies yesterday (The recipe will be on the blog next week). And I finally managed to set up an advent wreath. 

Due to two deadlines at university next week, there was only one post at the blog this week. I shared the recipe for a Tarte FlambĂ©e with you, one of our favorite week-night meals. 

I hope you're having a blessed second advent. Until next week!