The Challenge: Wearing Skirts and Dresses for a Whole Month (or maybe a little longer?)

When I read the chapter on modesty in The Old Fashioned Way, an idea came to my mind. What would happen if I tried to wear only skirts and dresses for a week or even a month? Would I be able to do that? I wasn't even sure if I had enough modest skirts and dresses to pull that off! 

But at the end of June, I decided to give it a try. 

What clothes did I wear before?

Although I've always loved skirts and dresses, I usually would wear plain jeans and t-shirts. Why? Because I found skirts and dresses harder to combine, especially when I wanted to keep my legs warm. 

And what did I wear during the callenge?

I tried to wear a skirt or a dress every day. In the beginning, I checked my wardrobe and found a few items that I'd hardly worn and surprisingly, I had enough skirts and dresses to wear every day! But I also found that I've outgrown some clothes and they were not really modest anymore (meaning I couldn't even bend over anymore without revealing something). So this was a great excuse to go shopping and buy some new dresses. 

Which modesty guidelines did I want fo follow?

None in particular, but I kept those from the Project Inspired book in mind, meaning that I had to at least be able to bend over. In reality, the majority of skirts I wore were at least knee-length skirts. I also tried to show little to no cleavage. 
But being modest wasn't the main purpose of this challenge, as I hardly ever dressed sexy or revealing before. 

How did I feel during the challenge?

Great. Awesome. Honestly, I liked it. And I was genuinely surprised by how much I like dressing that way. Even when I had just started the experiment, I began to feel way more feminine. More authentic. It also felt good that I always had to think about what I wanted to wear on a particular day. I didn't just grab a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. And it was suprisingly easy to come up with feminine outfits; it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. 

Did I succeed?

I have to admit, I did wear pants during my internship at the library once because the weather was super-nasty and rainy. But I got back on track and I think I only wore pants two or three times afterwards (meaning from August until now), while being very careful that I didn't fall back into my old habit again. 

Now that the challenge has ended, am I going to change the way I dress? 

Umm... to be honest, the challenge is not over! I found that I didn't want to stop after a week, and I didn't want to stop after a month, so I just kept going until now. And I plan to continue until...well, maybe I'll never stop. I don't know. It has brought so much more variation to my style and helped me embrace my identity as a woman and it made me feel so good, that I don't see a reason to stop. 

Okay, so I'll probably wear pants from time to time, if I feel like wearing them. But if I don't, then I won't wear them. And I'll wear skirts and dresses a lot more than I used to. 

What do you think of such a challenge? How often do you wear skirts or dresses? 
Would you like to wear them more often? Feel free to tell me in the comments!

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  1. This is and interesting challenge. I wish I could try it but I can't wear a skirt at work plus I tend to dress more like a tomboy mom. I would still like to see if I can do it in the future maybe after I leave this line of work.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Melissa! Luckily we don't have a dresscode at university :D (although I sometimes wish we had, especially in summer :D)


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