DIY Planner 2017 Part II

Today I wanted to show you my progess with my planner. In case you missed the first post, you can read it here: DIY Planner 2017. As I said, I want to draw/sketch something on every page, which makes 52 weeks plus a few extra pages. So far, I have completed 7 out of 52, and I've already planned and sketched some more. 

On the first pages of the planner, there's an overview for 2017 and 2018 as well as an overview of the holidays for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since I never really use those pages, I decided to draw some princesses, or at least try to do it. 

If you're not interested in the princesses and cartoons, you can scroll down to see the other pictures on the inspirational quotes and verses that I did. 

For Snow White and Elsa, I used the tutorials from http://www.easydrawingtutorials.com/. They have a lot of characters from Disney movies and video games and I found the site pretty helpful, because I am not good at drawing things from my memory. For the other pictures, I just did a Google Search and then did a free-hand copy of an image that I liked. 
I started with Cinderella  and it turned out better than I expected. All the different versions of Cinderella are my favorite fairy tales! So I absolutely had to draw her. 

Then I did Princess Peach from the Nintendo games. 

Oh, and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Actually, there are a lot of Disney fairytales that I never watched as a kid because we didn't have them at home (my mom preferred live-action movie adaptions of fairytales), but as soon as I had the money as an older teen, I started my own Disney DVD collection. 

Snow White. 

But even though I was already 17 or 18 when I first watched the movies, I instantly loved them. Oh, and I sing along with the characters. And I cry, occasionally. 

And Ariel. 

And Elsa. I think I watched Frozen at least three times. 

But I also did a few more verses!

This one is a line from the song "Sovereign Over Us" by Aaron Keyes. It's such a beautiful and inspiring song. I've also prepared another page for the line "You're with us in the fire and the flood", which I hope to finish soon. 

And this is from "No Longer Slaves" from Bethel Music. I first heard this song on an open air service that I attended in September and since then, I've listened to it quite some times!

This is the second page on Corinthians 13: 4-8. And the third one is already prepared. 

For this page, I combined a Bible verse (somewhere in Luke) with a German fairytale because I found that they matched perfectly. The short fairytale, "Sterntaler" (you can read an Englisch Translation here: The Star Money), is about a young girl with a gentle heart who gives away everything she has to help other people until she has given everything she has. And when she's standing there, in the cold winter night, naked (because she has literally given everything she had), the stars start to rain down from heaven and suddenly she's dressed in the finest linen. 
In contrast to some other fairytales, this one doesn't include pagan magic stuff, but I think that it has a very Christian message indeed. 

How do you like these pages? What are your favorite verses and inspirational quotes? 

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