Vegan for a Week

While I was on Usedom two weeks ago, I tried being vegan for a week. In this post, I want to share with you my meals and my experience. What did I eat? What was I allowed to eat? Was it hard? Did I succeed?

Why did I do this experiment? 

There are two reasons why I wanted to be vegan for a week. First, my father and his wife, who invited me to spend the holidays with them, have been vegan for quite a few years now (and before, they were vegetarian). So I think it is a matter of respect that I don't feast on meat right before their eyes when they invite me. And second, I like to be creative and to try out new recipes. I think that plant-based cooking is an interesting challenge and offers the opportunity to find new ways to prepare food. 

How did I prepare myself?

I brought some wholeweat pasta and vegan tomato sauce with me for the first evening because I arrived late and all the shops were closed by then. I also packed some vegan spreads, soy cream, vegan margarine and a few snacks, like Oreos (isn't it amazing that they're vegan?!). But I didn't look up any recipes. 

What did I eat? 

For breakfast, I had bread, fruit juices and smoothies. When we went outside around lunch time and in the afternoon, I took some more bread and fruit and nut bars with me. And for dinner, I had a warm meal and usually a simple cucumber salad. Sometimes the warm stuff was enough for two days. 

And here are the meals that I prepared: 

On Sunday, I had a plain and simple kohlrabi and potato soup. 
On Monday and Tuesday, it was rice with bell peppers, white beans, kidney beans and tomato sauce. Rather simple, but really delicious. 
On Wednesday and Thursday, I had noodles with tomate sauce, peas and a yellow bell pepper. Oh, and I tried grated vegan cheese. And it tasted quite good, although not 100% authentic. We also shared a vegan pizza on Thursday, but it was a store-bought one. 
On Friday, my father made some baked squash and I had some of that, too, along with some potatoes, vegan tofu sausages (these were not that good) and white sauce. Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph this dish. 

Did I succeed? 

Yes, I managed to stay completely vegan for the whole week! I had accidentally brought a non-vegan soup with me and I was a little disappointed when I discovered that, but I didn't eat it. I kept it for when the week was over. 
And well, I already did this experiment once, last year at the same time and place. So I knew that I could make it. 

Did I miss anything?

I don't think so. I mean, I had kind of an appetite to eat something made with dairy or meat, but I didn't have real cravings. Probably they would have appeared if the experiment would have gone on for a longer period of time. Maybe I'll test that in the future!

And maybe a last question: Why didn't I eat what my father cooked? Well, first, he's not only vegan, but high-carb-low-fat-no-salt-vegan, and that's not really my thing. And second, I just enjoy making my own food so much! This is what makes the challenge so much fun for me. 

So, are you vegan? Or have you ever tried to be? Would you do a similar challenge? 

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