Tips For Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships are hard. It's not important if you see each other every weekend or just once in a month or even less: You probably miss your partner a lot. I know that feeling - except for the semester breaks, my boyfriend and I only see each other every weekend. Although it's relatively easy to communicate via phone and internet, it's not always easy to schedule phone calls and skype sessions when you're both leading your lives apart frome each other.
Or you're just not the person who enjoys long phone calls! Today, I collected three ideas how to keep contact and feel close to each other no matter how many miles separate you. 

1. Keep A Diary

Two years ago, right after we started our relationship, we were separated for a whole month. During this month, I kept a diary which I then gave to him when we saw each other again. I think this idea is especially interesting when you're travelling as you can record more things than on a postcard, but it's a little more personal than an extensive phone call. While I kept this diary, I visited my aunt and my cousins who lived in Romania at that time. It was the first trip that I did on my own and I think it was great that I could share my impressions with my boyfriend!

2. Surprise Postcards

Yes, postcards are kind of old-fashioned, but why not write one once in a while? It doesn't have to be super-creative. You can take a line from a song or just write how much you miss your partner. If you enjoy writing, a surprise letter is also fine!
I think it's very cute to find a postcard in the mail that I didn't expect. My boyfriend also appreciates my surprise postcards. 

3. Make Time For Each Other

When you're both leading separate lifes, it can be quite a challenge to include your partner in your everyday life. But I'm sure you can try to find at least five minutes a day that you can devote solely to your partner. For example, my boyfriend always gives me a goodnight call. Some days we talk 15 minutes or more, on other days we're finished in three. But the last thing that I hear before I close my eyes every night is "Gute Nacht mein Spatz und schlaf gut" (Good night darling and sleep well*). And I can feel close to him even though he's not there. 

So that's what I came up with! If you've got other ideas, please let me know in the comments!

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