On The Blog Week Fourteen

Hey there!

This week was the last week of the semester break; the new semester starts on monday! I already picked all my courses and I hope I chose wisely. 

There were three posts on the blog this week. The first one was about long-distance relationships and what my boyfriend and I do to feel close to each other despite the distance. And I used the second post to think about a few things I'm thankful for. The third post was very spontaneous because I just needed to share this recipe for the most delicious chocolate cake I've ever tasted

I also want to highlight an older post, the one about my experience with friends with benefits, as said friend has left two comments there. If you're interested in his perspective, you should definitely read it!

I'll end this post with a few pictures from my stay on Usedom last week and hope to see you all again next week. 

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