3 Tips To Being Successful At University

Today, I want to share with you the three tips that help me the most at university. Okay, they might be pretty obvious, but I see so many fellow students who ignore those three basic tips. And then they wonder why they're messing up. So here are those three tips to be successful at university or college. 

1. Go to class. Always. 

Where I live, attendance is not mandatory, meaning that you don't have to come to class at all (There's only an exception for a limited number of courses). There's always the possiblity to go through the material at home. And my fellow students find that very convenient. So when they have a bad hangover from Sunday, they skip the class that starts at 8.30. And maybe also the class at 10.30. Oh, and they might skip all classes on friday afternoon because they want to prepare themselves to party. Too often they forget to work through the provided material. Or they just ignore it. 
Well, I go to class. I only miss about 3 sessions a semester due to illness. And so far, this has been the best exam preparation in combination with 2. 

2. Take Notes. Always. 

Again, this might seem pretty obvious. But many fellow students rather spend their time in class playing games on their phone or reading stuff on the internet. I try to always take notes because I found that this saves a lot of time when I prepare myself for an exam. I just go through my notes a day or two before the exam and then I'm fine. 

3. Find Like-Minded Friends.

I recently talked to a young lady who's having problems with her friends because she wants to focus on her studies, while they want to party and enjoy life. It can be really frustrating when your friends have different priorities than you have. But one of the advantages of universities and colleges is that they have clubs for everything: clubs for feminists, environmentalists, Christian clubs, all sorts of different sports, learning groups and many more. So when your friends are putting pressure on you, it could help you to surround yourself with like-minded people for a change. 

So these were the three things that I consider to be the key to success at university or college. Do you have any other tips? Please let me know in the comments! 

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