The Moment I Fell For Him - How We Met Part III

I hope you're not tired of our story yet! But I can assure you, this is the last part and it's rather short. 

So the day finally arrived. It was time for our first date! I carefully prepared myself as I wanted to be as pretty as possible! Then I took the train to the station where we would meet. He came by car. I hoped that he would await me when I arrived, but he was a little late. So I stood there on the platform, waiting impatiently. After what seemed like an endless period of time (5-10 minutes), he finally walked down those stairs. As soon as he saw me, his face lit up and he smiled at me.
He looked so happy to see me, so happy that we could get to know each other better and maybe also happy that I didn't turn him down. I think I've never seen anybody so happy to see me than him in that very moment. And that was the moment I fell for him. 

We had a great first date (we spend the whole day talking and walking around a little lake that happened to be there) and a great second date the week after. And also a great third date! Then, as I already told you,  we realized that we were already doing "more" than just dating and became a couple instead. 

And that's how we met, more than two years ago! We already made it this far, but I hope that our relationship will continue to grow over the next few years until we're ready to take the next step. I'm eager to learn a lot more about healthy, stable and intentional relationships and I'll share whatever I'm learning on this blog with you :)

If you want to, please tell me in the comments how you met your partner! Did you date, did you court or did you take a totally different route?

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