How We Met Part II

And the story continues ...

It again turned out to be a bit longer than I expected, so if you don't want to read through it all, here's the bottom line: It took me some time to realize that he was interestend in me, but then we fixed a date for well, our first date :D

So I logged onto Facebook on the next evening and to my surprise, he had not only send me a friend request but also send me a message saying hey little wolf girl. Wasn't that supercute? Since wolf girl is the literal translation of my name, Ylva, this means that he had already researched the meaning of my name by then. We started chatting the next day and talked about almost everything from movies to hobbies and our families. He said that he was already looking forward to cook pasta with me! Oh, what had I done? He took it serious when I uttered that invitation... I was very surprised, but still thought that he was just interested in friendship and I didn't evaluate if I had any feelings for him. 

It also turned out that he was an apprentice at that time and also that he was already 25. He feared that the age would form an obstacle since I was only 18, but reading the messages again, I see that I didn't, as I thought, assured him it would not form an obstacle. I just changed the topic :D

He also told me that he thought I was nice and I replied that he seemed like a nice guy, too ^^ (as you see, I didn't suspect anything at all). We then found that we listened to the same music, which was quite funny, as most people do not share my taste in music. 

And the conversation went on and on... I mentioned that I wanted to go see a particular band in November, he asked if anybody would accompany me and suggested that he come with me. And what did I do? Yeah, you've already guessed it. I still didn't think that he could be interested in me :D

The next day, he told me again how much he was looking forward to our "pasta date". And asked me if I wanted to meet him in his remaining holidays. I was like, yeah sure, why not, but my ticket does not encompass your town, so umm, I don't know. And then I changed the topic again :D But we got back to the question if we should meet within the next weeks and started to make plans. I finally started to sense that he might want more than friendship!

Two days later... the friends-with-benefits-guy suddenly texted me that he'd been busy the last 24 hours (as if this were an excuse why he didn't say anything for two weeks) and I just answered that I met someone. And my best friend told me that the guy who would be my future boyfriend thought I was cute! This was really happening! I couldn't believe it. I had always thought that the friends-with-benefits-thing was the most that I could expect a guy to want from me... I was so insecure, I wasn't sexy, I wasn't one of the pretty girls... 

That day, I also hinted at my friends-with-benefits-involvement, but when he asked if he should worry about it, I said that he shouldn't be worried. In that very moment, I knew that it was over. And no matter if our date would be successful or not, I didn't want to return to that guy ever again. So my future boyfriend asked me if I was looking for a serious relationship and I said yes, I was. 

A few days later, I told the friends-with-benefits-guy that it was really over and we would  never start again, as I wasn't sure that he had got it the first time. I dramatically threw away the few pictures I had of him and deleted all his texts :D 

And I was looking forward to my first date ... 

There'll be a  part three, I'm sorry, I'm not done yet :D But it's going to be way shorter. 


  1. Das klappt ja ziemlich gut mit deinen Blogposts :)
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke :) Ja, gerade klappt es gut, bin mal gespannt, wie ichs im neuen Semester hinbekomme.


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