2 Years Anniversary - How We Met Part I

Some weeks ago, on the 16th of August, my boyfriend and I celebrated our second anniversary! Well, maybe celebrated is a little bit much, we just had some cake after he came home from work.

Today I wanted to tell you the story of how we met :) But it turned out to be too long for one post, so I'll split it into two or three parts. 

This is the teddy bear that I got when I was christened in 1996. The duck was a present from my boyfriend on our third date (and I know that it is a goose :D). He says that these two look just like us ^^

We met on the 12th of July in 2014 on my best friend's birthday party. As you might already know, I was involved in a friends-with-benefits-relationship at that time (you can read the whole story here: My Experience with Friends with Benefits). So when I visited that party, I was angry with this friend because he hadn't written me a text for more than two weeks. I complained about him because I had to move soon and I wanted to use the time that was still left. 

At the party there were only girls with the exception of my best friend's boyfriend. Or at least that's what I thought. One friend was late, but when she finally came, somebody whom I had not expected came with her (they did not drive together, they just arrived at the same time per chance). Since nobody except my best friend knew him, he was introduced to all of us. I don't remember my first impression anymore... :/

Later that afternoon, we played the Werewolf game and I sat next to him. I noticed that he was wearing a festival bracelet and asked him about it. That's how we started talking :) And - how do people say? We instantly connected and got along very well. I felt very comfortable and safe in his presence. Then I had to leave early because I had to take the train home and when I said goodbye to everyone, I told him that, since the place where he lived was close to the town I would move to in a few months, we should meet and cook some pasta together sometime. 

I never expected him to take me serious. In fact, I was only courageous enough to say that because I was sure he was not interested in me. I thought we would most likely never see each other again and even if we did, we would only be friends. 

When I got home that night, I thought of sending him a friend request on Facebook, but I didn't send him one because I didn't want to give him the impression that I was interested in him. Today, I still vividly remember thinking "I can still send him one tomorrow or I don't send him one at all". 

But when I turned on my computer the next day, there was a surprise waiting for me... 

The second part will be on the blog next week ^^

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