My Internship at the Library

As I've already mentioned, I spend the last two weeks at the library doing an internship. So today I wanted to do a little report :)

Why did I decide on an internship in a library?

I've always been a lover of books. Well, my mom is a librarian, so I don't know if I had any chance to turn out different :D It seems only logical that the future career I had in mind was always "something to do with books". Becoming an editor, a translator, an author or selling books - these were the options that came to my mind. 
Well, right now the direction has changed a little and I think that I'd like to do corporal communications or something like that, But since I have the oppportunity to do an internship in the semester break and I knew that my mom's library always needs a helping hand in summer, I asked her if I could do an internship at her work place. (Well, it's not my mom's library. She's the assistant manager.)

What did I do at the librabry?

I did a lot of things :D I helped putting the books back into the shelves, I sat at the counter to take back the returned books and scan those that the visitors wanted to take with them. But I also helped to sort out books that were too old and that nobody read anymore. I helped translating parts of the library's new homepage from German to English. And because the end of the summer book club is near, I visited some of the sponsors to ask for donations for the raffle at the final party. 

What I didn't do (but I already knew those things from a workshop) was to catalog the new items and labelling them. 

How did I like it?

I really enjoyed the internship, as it was a change from my days at the university. And I also like to work. Since I already knew a lot of my mom's collegues, I had no problem to get along with them. Yeah, and I was surrounded by books :D It was a little short though, but I couldn't stay longer because of the two term papers that still need to be written. 

My mother was actually on vacation when I did the internship, so I wouldn't have any unfair advantages. So, it's true that I got the internship because of my "connections", but they treated me just like any other intern. 

That was my internship ^^ 

Have you already done an internship? Where and why?

Would you be interested in hearing about my previous internships at a book store and a mixture of city administration and social work?

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