Modest Inspiration #3 - My Mom's Dresses Part 2

Today I'll show you two dresses at once. I wore the first one to the library today. It's a casual dress, so I thought it was perfect for work. Since the weather was a little... indecisive today, I wore some white leggings with it (but they're not in the pictures). I actually borrowed this one out of my mom's closet, but I have to give it back to her when the internship is over ^^

The second dress is also from my mother. She handed it to me and I really like the print and the way it's cut. The length is perfect and it's got a vintage feel to it. In fact, it is a vintage dress :D My mother got it from somebody else when she was a young lady. So I don't know how old it is exactly, but it has to be at least 25 years old. 

How do you like the dresses? Which one do you like best? 

Would you wear hand-me-downs from your mother?

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