3 Reasons To Plan Ahead

"Wait, you already have a plan for your future career?"

"Wow, you've planned your exams so that you'll have the last semester to focus on your bachelor thesis?"

"You already know that you'd like to be married and have kids someday?"

People always seem so surprised when it comes to the future. I always wonder if I'm the only one to come up with any plans... 

Today I'll give you my top three reasons for planning ahead and I'll explain why that doesn't mean that my life is already completely scheduled. 

1. It's a more relaxed life

Thinking everything through before it becomes urgent has one major benefit: you don't need to panic and do everything at once when you have to make a decision. You don't need to figure out what you're going to do minutes before you actually do it ^^ 

2. You've always got plan B

Just because I already make some plans doesn't mean that I'll stick to them 100%. Think of it as a plan B. Sometimes it's more of "If I don't find anything better, I can still do this". But that's okay. It gives me a sense of security and the future doesn't seem so unclear anymore.

3. It's fun!

Who doesn't like to image their future career, their wedding day or make up names for their kids? I've always been a head-in-the-clouds girl ^^ But when the dreams are combined with concrete plans, it makes dreaming about your future even more fun. Because you know that you could actually realize these things, they don't need to remain dreams. Or you discover that they are not possible at all - and you can move on from those dreams. 

So these are my top three reasons for planning ahead. It's not about scheduling your whole life. It's not about following a strict path that will never change. But it's about always having a plan B. The security that you won't get lost when one episode of your life ends (school, university etc.). 

Have you made any plans so far? 

Or do you rather make spontaneous decisions? 


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