On The Blog - Week Seven

Hey there :) 

I am still very busy with writing my second term paper - I finished the first one on friday - so there was only one post this week. But this post, titled When Should I Say I Love You?, has already become the most clicked post on my blog! Thank you so much for visiting my blog this week. 

Next week, I think I'll write on "How to write two term papers in 14 days" :D

I hope to see you all again soon!


When Should I Say "I Love You"?

We are together for about one month, when he suddenly says to me: I love you. I don't know what to say. The first thing that I think is: I don't. Finally, I answer: I'm in love with you, too. 

When's the right time to say "I love you"? Finding the right moment can be quite tricky. You don't want to say it too soon and you also don't want to hear "But I don't love you". 


On The Blog - Week Six

Hey there!

This week has been a rather quiet one, I think that I'll leave it with one post a week until I've got my two term papers done (the first is due this week, the second one next week). 

I shared with you my internship at the library. It was a lot of fun and I wish I could have done a few more weeks! 

So I hope I'll see you again next week! Thanks for stopping by. 


My Internship at the Library

As I've already mentioned, I spend the last two weeks at the library doing an internship. So today I wanted to do a little report :)

Why did I decide on an internship in a library?


On The Blog - Week Five

Here's what happened on the blog this week.

On Wednesday, I posted another two of my mom's dresses and on Friday, I shared a recipe from my grandma. 

Offline, I finished my internship at the library (I'll tell you about it on Tuesday) and now I'm writing my two term papers. I'm sorry if this post is a little short, but I've been really busy this week. 

I hope to see you again next week :)


Cooking With Grandma + A New Recipe

On Wednesday, I visited my beloved grandparents. They're quite an inspiration, as they're married for more than 50 years, but they're still in love and banter with each other like a young couple. I really enjoy every visit. This time, my grandma and I made So├čkartoffel, that's basically potatoes in a creamy sauce. It's been one of my favorite dishes in my childhood and I would beg her everytime I visited her to cook them. In fact, I still do that today :D 


Modest Inspiration #3 - My Mom's Dresses Part 2

Today I'll show you two dresses at once. I wore the first one to the library today. It's a casual dress, so I thought it was perfect for work. Since the weather was a little... indecisive today, I wore some white leggings with it (but they're not in the pictures). I actually borrowed this one out of my mom's closet, but I have to give it back to her when the internship is over ^^


On The Blog - Week Four

Hey :) Another week has passed! The blog has been online for a month already! 
This is what happened on the blog this week. 

On Tuesday, I shared a review of one of my favorite books - The Old Fashioned Way. 

On Thurday I talked about the importance of planning ahead

And on Saturday, I let you take another glimpse into my closet - this time with a dress from my mother!

Next week I'll tell you about my internship at the library. I'm not sure if I'll manage to upload 3 posts next week, so there might be be only two. We'll see. 

Thanks for stopping by this week! I hope to see you again soon. 


Modest Inspiration #2 - My Mom's Dresses

Sharing clothes with my siblings unfortunately never was an option for me. Since my only sister is 4.5 years younger than me, we've never really shared clothes. But my mom and I nearly have the same size and I've got a lot of hand-me-downs from her. I don't mind wearing second-hand clothes at all, since she and I have the same taste in fashion (well, most of the time). 

So when I arrived at my parents' home where I stay for the the internship, I was glad that she offered me some dresses she's hardly ever worn. Today I'll show you the first one :)


3 Reasons To Plan Ahead

"Wait, you already have a plan for your future career?"

"Wow, you've planned your exams so that you'll have the last semester to focus on your bachelor thesis?"

"You already know that you'd like to be married and have kids someday?"

People always seem so surprised when it comes to the future. I always wonder if I'm the only one to come up with any plans... 

Today I'll give you my top three reasons for planning ahead and I'll explain why that doesn't mean that my life is already completely scheduled. 


The Old Fashioned Way Review

Today I've got a book review for you :)

As you can probably see, this copy has been thoroughly read :D

It's called "the old fashioned way" by Ginger Kolbaba and it's the devotional for the movie Old Fashioned (I think I'll do a review of the movie later on). You can pick up your copy here or in any bookstore near you. You can also take a glimpse at the first chapter and the table of contents on  Amazon.

It contains 40 short texts and questions for journaling at the end of each chapter. 

So what is this book about? It is about courtship, dating, boundaries,