On The Blog - Week Two

Here's what happened on the blog last week! 

I got my first two comments! I'm so happy <3

On Tuesday, I shared a post called Why Love And Sex Should Not Be Separated

On Thursday, it got really personal when I told you about My Experience With Friends With Benefits. That was a tough post for me to write, but I think it's a very important topic since this "relationship model" has become increasingly popular among young people :(

And on Saturday, I let you take a short glimpse into my closet!

This will be on the blog next week: 

26.07. Why No One Benefits From Friends With Benefits

28.07. Relationship Status " I Don't Know " - about insecurity, dating around and the fear of           commitment

30.07.  A new recipe :)

I've got three exams next week, so the dates might change a little. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

I'm also starting my two-week internship at the library on Friday. When it's over, I'll also do a post on this!

Thanks for stopping by this week! I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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