On The Blog - Launch Week!

Here's a short overview of what's going on on the blog this week ^^

Here's a short info about me and the purpose of this blog. 

And here's a post on my plans for the summer :) 

Later this week, I will upload a post titled "On Boundaries and Why They Matter", which is the first part of a three-or-four-parts series dealing with friendship with benefits and also in general the separation of love and sex nowadays. 

On the weekend, I'll share a recipe for one of my favorite dishes with you. 

And who knows, maybe I'll even have my first reader by then ^^


  1. Hey there! I'm looking for a way to follow your blog via email. I don't see a button (though I am following on Google +). It's nice to "meet" you (I'm Haley's mom btw).

    1. Hey Cheryl, glad to see you :)

      I don't have a newsletter/email notification system right now, I'll see if the settings allow me to install one. But yeah, it's possible to follow on Google+ and Pinterest, maybe I'll also set up a facebook page later on. I'm glad that I managed to have the most important features on the blog ^^ as I'm not that familiar with blogging.

      As soon as I've figured out how to do the e-mail-notifications, I'll let you know :)


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